C'est vrai. My use of the French language has deteriorated over the past several years. Perhaps over many years would be more accurate. So I ask any francophones who find my written French to be unacceptable to send me corrections. I'll try to make corrections  ..but my word processor doesn't provide needed accents. So be it.
Our Quebec visit began when we arrived on Les Iles de la Madeleine on Saturday, September 16  .... but we did not arrive alone! Sue and Jim Curtis joined us in Souris PEI. We left their Motor Home in Souris, and had 5 nights, four full days for photography, together 'aux Iles'. Below are some of the photographs that we think will give you a taste of these islands.
 By Monday we had good maps and we had found the local Tim Horton's. I knew they were almost everywhere in Canada (and Afghanistan!) but I had not expected to be able to get a 'double, double' here. The yellow house on the left is 'Auberge Denis a Francois' where we are staying. That translates as Denis, son of Francois, keeping track of the family connections on the islands. We had good accomodation, great breakfasts and dinners, and made new friends at the auberge. Denis is a fine host, I recommend you contact him if you plan to visit ... www.aubergechezdenis.ca .The auberge is in Havre-Aubert at the south end of the islands.
This is the 'guest photographer' section of this web page. Sue and Jim Curtis have been shooting along with us and deserve to have at least some space on the page.  On the left is Sue's shot of the lighthouse at Etang du Nord, at sunset. Jim's shot of the cliffs was taken earlier in the day.
The page title says 'Bienvenue a Quebec'.
That's: 'Welcome to Quebec'. June and I have been to and through Quebec several times in the past few years, but this is the first trip since our Honeymoon in '94 where we have spent most of a trip in Quebec, 'la belle province'.

This trip includes a couple of days at Acadia National Park near Bar Harbour Maine, 5 days on Les Iles de la Madeleine, the Magdalen Islands, part of Quebec in the middle of the Gulf of St Lawrence, and several days in Gaspé again.

We hope we have done this beautiful country justice with our photography. And my French did improve during the trip, thanks to the friendly cooperation of the many francophones we met en route.

We left Les Iles de la Madeleine on Thursday, September 21. After driving through Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick we arrived back in Quebec on Saturday the 23rd and drove along the north shore of the Baie de Chaleur and on to Perce. Some of our early photos from the trip to Gaspesie follow.
The trip along the Baie de Chaleur took us through New-Carlisle.
We quickly remembered our last visit and our failure to record their quirky fire hydrants. We show you a sampling.

Perce greeted us with gray skies (again) and autumn colour as well as Perce Rock
We had most of a day in Forillon, sunshine, wind and great autumn colour!
We stayed in Gaspe overnight after our day in Forillon and then drove to Riviere-de-loup the next day. The Autumn colour was spectacular, maybe the best I can recall, ever. And we saw those strange statues at St Flavie, Vince Sheridan's 'favourites'. The trip finished with a day in Charlevoix and Quebec City and then a day driving home to Aurora, most of it in the rain. Merci Quebec, une bonne visite!