This trip to Quebec and Atlantic Canada in September will be the 5th such trip in the past 6 years. Yes, we do like this part of the world. On each trip we have had a target destination and fleshed out the trip around that target.

This year we are going to Grand Manan, New Brunswick, an island at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. It's about 25 km long and maybe 10 km wide. The sea supports the residents of Grand Manan as it has for many years. Tom was last here about 50 years ago. He's changed (ugh!) and so has Grand Manan ... but we expect to find lots of photographic opportunities.
We drove along the St John River Valley on Friday, September 17th. This time we got off the TransCanada and used the 'old' highway down as far as East Florenceville ... that's the home of McCain! ... all those fries!