We were last in the 'SouthWest' in 2003. In fact we made 2 trips to the area in '03 ... in February to Arizona (by air) and then we took 27 days in September and October to drive to Colorado to photograph aspens and spend time in Utah and New Mexico as well. We said then that we would spend more time in New Mexico on our next trip, so that's what we plan to do.

This will be our 6th trip to the US SouthWest since 1995. Each time we revisit familiar locations and get to some new ones. That will the case again this year.
We will be at White Sands NP for our first visit; drive from Blanding, Utah to Torrey, Utah; spend more time around Escalante; visit the Kolob area of Zion NP; and some new parts of Colorado interior. The plan is for 25 days of travel.

Come back and visit the website about mid-September and you will see the first of our photography. This SouthWest trip all the photographs will be digital so they will get to the website sooner.

It's September 16 and after 4 days of driving we are in Alamagordo, New Mexico and planning our first visit to White Sands NP tomorrow. We are a day ahead of ourselves! June has handled the travel very well indeed and I have had no problems with the driving, so we have done 3200 Km's in 4 days ... and enjoyed it. The drive through the Texas Panhandle today was a revelation. Wow, do they raise beef! Feed lots are not pretty to see, but it's all about learning, and that's why we like to drive if we can.

I decided today that the website would have 3 separate SouthWest sections ... one each for New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. I think that'll make our additions work better. We'll create new pages as we go along, with a photograph in the link to show it is active.