We were married in August, 1994, and so 2004 is our 10th Anniversary. In those 10 years we have travelled over much of North America, by airplane and van, to see what there is to see, enjoy the process, and to photograph. It's simple: when we travel we photograph, sometimes with purpose, sometimes for the simple pleasure of the process. It seemed appropriate that the Journal in Portcullis* should record this event and so I (Tom) went to my files and dug out some images from each of our trips. I also stole some of Junes that I had on my computer, mainly from Newfoundland and the Southwest USA. The project kept expanding in terms of images, and time raced on. I barely got this done to surprise June on our anniversary. But I made it! And so it's for June, with my love. We'll be back travelling again, very soon.
1994. We started our travel and photography experience together in February '94 as a newly engaged couple, with a trip to St Augustine and Charleston. Charleston is high on our list for a visit in '05 or '06.
August 1994 saw us in Quebec City on our honeymoon. We've been back several times, and I expect we will continue to do so.
It's a great place to visit.

In October of '94 we flew to Vancouver so June could meet the Sim clan, and then we went over to Vancouver Island and Long Beach for some quiet time and some photography.
June 1995 saw us in Maine for 10 days, with the escaped lupines at their very best.
In September/October of '95 we drove to Yellowstone, and then south to Bryce Canyon, Zion, Cedarbreaks, Las Vegas, etc. A great trip, in the Mazda 626. June felt we needed 'a little more room for stuff', so we got the first van shortly after we got home.
Spring 1996 found us in Natchez, Mississippi, New Orleans, and on to Savannah and Charleston.
In December 1996 we photographed in Olympic National Park, Washington. And we had rain in the Hoh Rainforest!
In February '97 we were part of a Focal Forum group that travelled to Death Valley, and had a great shoot! And then we had a few days in Valley of Fire and Zion National Park again.
September of 1997 saw us drive across the Canadian prairie (loved it), spend almost 10 days in the Canadian Rockies, and then head south for another visit to Yellowstone. Then it was  home via the Badlands of South Dakota.
The 1998 'Spring Trip' took us to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a beautiful place when you get away from recent development in the north.
September of '98 saw us drive to Gaspe, Quebec, through New Brunswick and on to Cape Breton. We had just the kind of weather I had hoped for in Louisbourg, lots of fog.